Hello! I’m Bisola

Welcome to my blog. I am excited to share my experience with you as a Mboalab intern in Outreachy.

Here’s a little about myself. I am a Computer Science graduate. I am eager to learn and I like my things well-organized.

My core values are hard work, determination, and teamwork.

I value hard work. Nothing comes easy, if I don’t work hard, then I can’t fulfil my dreams and I can’t help others.

I like to see myself as a relentless problem solver. I believe there is always a solution, that is why I value determination. It helps me achieve my goals and never give up.

Teamwork brings people together, it makes it easier to overcome obstacles. The world is a better place when we work together.

“It seems impossible until it’s done”

Nelson Mandela

The first thing that attracted me to Outreachy is its desire to give opportunities to people from underrepresented groups. You are welcome irrespective of your color, race, or gender. I also love that you can contribute to projects through opensource.